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Unlike most one day deal sites, Yugster.com starts a new day of offering deals at 6 AM EST and not the usual 12 MN EST or CST. Its tagline, "yours until gone" represents what the site does. Deals are featured until they are sold out. Items that are not completely sold out during the 24 hours window may still be yours under the YUG Over deals section.

Yugster.com was founded in 2006 and offers a very easy to use interface and navigation. Just register for the site, see the daily offer, read the details, and click on grab it to purchase the product. Registering for the site not only lets you buy the best deals of the day, there are perks in the members section which obviously only members can avail of. In the member’s area, bona fide users can discuss about the deals and everything else associated with the site in general. You’ll also have the chance to see a sneak preview offer or a private type of offer. The former pertains to deals that are yet to be offered for the next day while the latter are for deals that have not been completely sold out from the previous day, otherwise known as the YUG Over.

Another section of the site called Yours Until Gone is for deals offered at an unlimited time, or at least while the supply lasts. These offers are not limited to a whole day only. The Daily Watch Deal on the other hand is literally offering deals for watches. The site also has a mobile version.

Yugdowns also happen. These are instances wherewith the Yugster warehouse needs to clear up space in order to make room for new arrivals. To do so, the site offers items at a relatively low price in order to sell them faster.

All deals offered at any section boast of competitive prices, at times even lower than what other sites offer. Yugster also includes the retail price of each featured item so you can compare and see the difference. Most of the items are even sold below MSRP or the manufacturer suggested retail price. In most cases, you’ll save about 99.9%.

If there is any issue with the site, it has something to do with the return policy. A 20% restocking fee is charged for items that are already opened when returned. This applies to both defective and non-defective items. There is also no reimbursement or monetary compensation of any kind for shipping charges or anything that was paid for during the original order received. The customer support available is only limited. Yugster is a website that sells cool stuff (well, mostly cool) at prices that typically cannot be beat. A deal item is Yours Until Gone! What goes on at Yugster? Everyday it offers a new product at 6am EST and when it is gone, it is gone. Here is the trick, if you become a Yugster, you get that offer a day before everyone else. Just log in and you see today's Daily Offer for the public and today's Sneak Preview Offer (which is tomorrow's public offer, assuming it doesn't sell out). Cool One Day Deals! huh!


Contributor Paul says: on Tue Jul 22, 2008 7:23 PM

As far as site design, Yugster looks a little more rundown than Woot, but features more bells and whistles like mouseover descriptions. Disappointingly, Yugster is missing Woot`s delightfully voyeuristic product stats, which breakdown sales stats by the hour and give you a little insight into who else is buying the product.
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