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PacificGeek.com is for Geek Stuffs and More

An interesting company profile about PacificGeek.com is found through LinkedIn. It mentions that this 2006 founded company based in Las Vegas, Nevada processes over 3,000 orders for computers and related hardware. The site is also one of the most comprehensive sites when it comes to geek stuff, and more.

The complete list of geek stuff categories include AC Adapters, Accessories, Batteries, Cables, Cameras, Carrying Cases/Bags, Cases, CD/DVD Drives, Cellular Accessories, Computer Systems, Color Calibration, Consumer Electronics, Cooling Products, CPUs, Docking Stations, Gifts & Gadgets, GPS, Hard Drives/Storage, I/O Controllers, ID Cards & Supplies, Industrial Parts, Installation Equipment, Keyboards, LCD Modules, Media, Memory, Modems, CRT and LCD Monitors, Motherboards, Mouse & Pointing, MP3 Audio, Networking, Notebook Accessories, Notebooks, Outdoor, PDAs, Portable Communications, POS, Power Supplies, Printer Accessories, Printers, Projectors, Rack mount, Routers & Switches, Scanners, Servers, Software, Sound Cards, Speakers & Audio, Systems, Telephone, Televisions, Terminals, Video Capture, Video Cards, Video Editing, and Wireless.

Various products are offered under the aforementioned categories. Items on immediate sale with prices reduced to the maximum level are listed t the upper section of the home page. About 12 of the week’s special deals are listed below and shortly follow after the priced reduced items. On the right side of the screen you’ll find Pacific Geek’s best sellers. It is followed by new arrivals right below. Products that are almost gone come next.

Other notable sections of the site include 2 for 1 deals, systems, free ship deals, and sell to the geek. 2 for 1 deals, as the name denotes feature deals with 2 items sold as one or items sold in pairs. The system section features computer systems that are sold with discounted prices and items on clearance. Free shipping section is of course for items that are shipped free when you order. Sell to the geek allows businesses to sell products that are needed by the company for inventory purposes.

If you’re in need of computer systems, here’s a complete list of what’s available on the site (in alphabetical order): All In One, AMD Systems, Apple, Athlon 64, Celeron Systems, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Duo, CPU, Miscellaneous, Pentium 4 Systems, Pentium D Systems, Pentium II Systems, Pentium III Systems, Pentium Systems, Pre Systems & Kits, Scanners, Sempron, Servers, Tablet PCs, Terminals, Xeon Servers, and Xeon Systems.

Free shipping on the other hand is offered for selected products under the following categories: Accessories, Cables, Cameras, Carrying Cases & Bags, Consumer Electronics, GPS, Hard Drives/Storage, Industrial Parts, LCD Monitors, Memory, MP3 Audio, Networking, Notebook Accessories, Notebooks, PDAs, Printer Accessories, Printers, Projectors, Rackmount, Scanners, Servers, Software, Systems, Telephone, Televisions, and Video Cards.


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