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Wow-coupons.com is also WowPrintableCoupons.com

Don’t be confused. These sites are one and the same. Opening either Wow-Coupons.com or WowprintableCoupons.com brings you to the same website. The site aims to help you save money through coupons. You can use coupon codes, printable coupons, and a whole lot more. This site is highly acclaimed by reviews from authority sites and networks with its owner multi-awarded when it comes to saving money and business opportunities.

Wow-Coupons.com appear to have been launched as early as 07-Sep-1994 but WowprintableCoupons.com was launched on 05-Sep-2005 in Scottsdale, AZ. You’ll also notice the trademark Wow coupons to be associated to the site as well. It was founded in 2003. The company continues to grow and has now branched out of the U.S. with a U.K. version.

The site’s interface isn’t simple. You might get lost if it’s your first time. Just continue browsing though and you will be more familiar with the whole site in a few minutes. You can start with the main tabs to make it easier. The tabs include printable retail, printable grocery, printable restaurant, printable travel, printable local, deal of the week, and shop online. Most of these tabs have links at the footer of the home page. These tabs are pretty much self-explanatory and represent the coupons based on their respective categories.

Scroll down and you’ll see an option to locate coupons based on store names. These are grouped alphabetically from 0 to 9 and A to Z. Right below, you’ll find additional tabs for exclusive coupons, new coupons, expiring coupons, again coupons based on stores, coupons by category, and a page where you can view all coupons. Four handpicked offers are also listed right below these tabs.

Aside from links which are already placed elsewhere in the site such as the upper section, more links are found at the footer for top stores. These include Adobe, Amazon, Dell, Red Envelope, Ticket Master, Verizon, and AT&T. Other top stores searched regularly on the site that are not listed at the footer include Walmart, match.com, Sears, and Enterprise Rent-a-car. Still at the footer, popularly searched coupon keywords are also listed in alphabetical order.

If you check each main tab for printable coupons, you’ll find information on the actual coupon offered, summarized description, where it is redeemed including store location if it’s not offered online, and the expiration date. The travel coupons on the other hand are grouped based on destination country so you can find out if your preferred place has corresponding travel, flight, and accommodation coupons available. Aside from coupons, you’ll also find deals sorted based on the newest, what’s popular, or by alphabetical order.


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