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BestDeal.com has an extensive experience when it comes to delivering fresh and up to date deals. It has been providing information about the best deals off and on the web since it was launched in 1998.

Today, the site features deals and coupons from various products. You’ll find that a majority of its sections are dedicated to technology and electronics. Some of the popular categories include computers, software & gaming, memory/storage, photography, peripherals & supplies, MP3 players, iPods, & iPads, Phones, PDAs, GPS, and audio/video. Sections exclusively for travel deals and coupons as well as coupon codes are also featured on the tabs at the upper part of the page.

Aside from the usual list of deals or coupons, the main page provides areas for other sections too. On top of the list of deals you’ll find a relevant news clip. It’s often about breakthroughs and what’s new on technology in general. The "top reader deals" on the left side of the screen on other hand features the most read deals on the site. On the right side, you’ll see hot topics straight off the forum. The link to the forum board is on the upper right hand corner of the page.

As for deals featured on the home page, these are the best in their respective categories based on research and validation from the BestDeal.com staff. Some of the popularly featured categories include memory/storage, MP3 players, iPods, & iPads, peripherals & supplies, phones, PDAs, & GPS, and photography. Coupons and coupons codes are listed on top of all these. But if you need more items, you can always check each section by clicking on their corresponding link found on the header of the site.

As for the individual categories, clicking on each link opens a new page where related deals and coupons are displayed. If there are additional group of items or sub-categories, you’ll find them on the primary category’s pages too. These secondary categories are not listed on the main navigation tabs. You’ll find them by checking the primary category where they are associated with. Memory/storage brings up SSDs or solid state drivers, flash drives, DVD/CD blank media & storage, hard drives & enclosures, and RAID systems. Photography brings up memory cards & sticks, camcorders, and digital cameras. Networking & wireless, keyboard/mouse, monitors/displays, and printers are all under peripherals & supplies. MP3 players, iPods, & iPads is the primary category for head phones & ear buds as well as accessories & cases.


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