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AbleShoppers.com Makes Everyone an Able Shopper

AbleShoppers.com makes everyone an able shopper by hunting and posting deals, discounts, coupons, bargains, and so much more to make shopping as affordable as ever. For the benefit of everyone who is not familiar with how online shopping works, let’s use the AbleShoppers.com platform as an example. Clicking on a link within coupons or deals presented on the website opens another window. The window is actually redirected to the website of the store where the bargain is originally offered. Just follow the instructions provided on the merchant’s site and you’ll be fine.

Able Shoppers is social media ready. The site maintains a Facebook page and has a Google gadget. The former tells us how Able Shopper has been in the business of providing the best offers for shoppers since 2001. The latter on the other hand makes it easier to share everything that the site offers to other sites. You can share over 50,000 coupons from over 1,500 merchants being featured on the site.

Navigating the website is also easy. Able Shoppers probably has the most comprehensive home page. It’s filled with deals and coupons from top to bottom and left to right. Tabs are found on the header. New deals are listed with only the titles on the upper part of the page. Clicking on the link brings you more details below. The product link button will finally bring you to the merchant’s site or the source of the offer.

The right side features the hottest picks, an option to subscribe for deal alerts via email, and current hot picks for every corresponding category. The first tabs on the left side are the same as the tabs found on the header. These include new tabs, hot picks, shopping tips, and coupons. You can search for coupons based on category or alphabetical arrangement. See new coupons as well. You may also quickly lookup coupons based on alphabetic order or category as additional listings are found again. Local printable coupons are also offered. Lastly, the current hot picks for every store is on the left side to complement what is found on the right (coupons by category).

The tabs found on the header include deal & steal, new deals, hot picks, shopping tips, and coupons which are further grouped into new coupons, by store name, and by category. The deal & steal tab is just a quick tour of what’s in store in the actual tabs: new deals, hot picks, and shopping tips. The main tab for coupons right after these three is not a quick tour of what follows after unlike the deals & steals tab. It’s actually a mirror of the coupons by store name tab.


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