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The HotDealsClub has been serving the hottest deals since 1998. The site records the statistics to be at 30,000 for daily unique visit, 450,000 monthly unique views, and 1,320,000 monthly requests for the front page as of August 2005. More than five years after, the site continues to feature only the best based on the interest of shoppers and not due to paid advertising.

The idea for HotDealsClub.com started due to the club owner’s initiative of sending a list of deals he has collected to his own friends via email. This was normally done only during the weekends when everyone takes the weekends off from work. The club owner then thought about the idea of posting all collected deals on a website and updating it every day instead. The story as we know it is now known as HotDealsClub.com.

This Boston, MA based company oddly has minimal formatting for its site. The interface is very basic with not much color. The script used is very simple too. So if you enjoy colorful themes; this is not the place for you. But if you prefer details over presentation, you might want to give this site a try. Registered members are invited to share deals and can post feedback. But as expected, text only with no images whatsoever will be entertained.

Although the site is updated daily, there are only a few deals featured on a daily basis. This explains why the home page features deals that stretch as far as three weeks before. The expired deals are at least marked as expired so you won’t have to bother with them. Some deals last long so anyway so it is a great idea to keep them there even for weeks.

You’ll also see relevant news updates and holiday information in between deal posts whenever applicable. Flight and hotel information is also featured on the upper right hand side of the home page. As for the deals, only a snippet is presented. But you have an option to see more information, check the source, and email the info to a friend.

Since HotDealsClub does not favor paid advertisements from shops, you’ll also find see small and medium enterprises featured on the main page for deals. There is no list of stores anywhere on the site but some of the most featured stores and merchants include Target, Newegg, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Woot.com, Apple, Dell, Logitech, Staples, Office Depot, Sony.com, Macy’s, Ubuntu.com, DailySteals.com, TigerDirect, Panasonic.com, Frys, Restaurant.com, Box.net, SteamPowered.com, YankeeCandle, LOLshirts.com, Entertainment.com, ShoeBuy.com, SuperBiiz.com, ChiefValue.com, Saveology.com, Restaurant.com, Cowboom.com, BuywithMe.com, and Spin.com.


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