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BitsduJour.com – A One Day Deal Site for Software

BitsduJour.com offers software of high quality one day at a time at a substantially discounted price. Most of the deals offered are Windows programs or web service software. They also started offering software for Mac on January 2011 and receive submissions and offers from the actual companies which create the products. The site was founded by Nico Westerdale and was launched on March 29, 2006 with MailWasher Pro manufactured by Fire Trust Limited as the very first item featured as the deal of the day.

The site feature reviews written at an upbeat theme so even if you don’t buy an item, you’ll be amazed reading about it. Full perks are provided for members of the site including the ability to participate in discussions about a product at the comments section, fully customized user interface, and email notifications daily and weekly. If you are a store owner, you can also sell your merchandise through the site in no time and without any setup fees. Plus, you have full control of the admin section and are able to track traffic and sales generated through BitsduJour.com.

Unlike most daily deal sites, Bits du Jour feature several deals for a day. About 20 software products are featured on a daily basis. Aside from these, you’ll also find codes, coupons, discounts, promos, and bundles for various software. You can look up discounts based on categories. These include software for audio, business & finance, design, photo and graphics, desktop customization, development, hobby, educational & fun, Internet, productivity, security, software utilities, and video. There’s even an option to see a glimpse of upcoming deals. As for past deals, they are still listed in a section of the site just for the sake of remembering. There may be a chance that these items are featured again in the future.

Alongside past deals are other popular sections of the site. The hot discount deals section feature more than 100 of the best deals, discounts, promos, coupons, and codes for software programs. Unlike daily deals, these have no expiration and yet also offer the products at discounted prices. Beside it are the suggestions (read below for more info), past deals (as mentioned earlier), and best bytes which are the top purchased products.

BitsduJour also has a forum where the community can be able to talk about the deals featured and the site in general. Members can also comment in deals featured and suggest new deals by stating what they want to be featured on the site. The list of suggested products can be found in its corresponding section.


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