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Fruper.com – A Super One Day Deal Site

The website name of Fruper.com does originate from the word, "super" according to its founder David Orr. He was a high school freshman when the site was launched in 2006 and is now a University student. The site was first launched and operated at the basement of his family’s house and now grew into a worldwide operating computer and electronics site.

Unlike the usual one day deal sites which feature just one item a day with limited purchase available, the site caters to bulk orders. It’s perfect for small scale businesses in need of retail products purchased at wholesale prices. Fruper.com can in fact sell more than 500,000 pieces per year. Its stock of products is stored at Total Quality Warehouse in Effingham, Illinois and operates globally through another inventory center in Hong Kong, China.

Aside from the actual Fruper.com daily deal site, this business had expanded into other ventures such as an online store, a daily deal tracking website, a wholesale department, and a worldwide shipping division.

As for the daily deal site Fruper.com, it features fruper duper deals as mentioned earlier. Aside from the usual deal of the day, you’ll also find other interesting sections of the site. The new arrivals section introduces new items. Top seller features the most sought after products in the site. You’ll also see sections for apparel, electronics, computers, car accessories, hobbies & toys, cell phone, video games, flashlights & lasers, iPad/iPod/iPhone, and home & office. Everything else not included in the categories mentioned are listed under the others section.

Some of the top selling apparel include watches particularly G-shock, t-shirts with sound, athletic shoes, anti-pressure loop, sunglasses, and baseball hats. Most featured electronics products are unique including survival kits, hidden cameras, spy remotes, WiFi detectors, video glasses, and products with LED. The computers section is mostly filled with computer accessories. The same applies to the car accessories, cell phone, video games, and iPad/iPod/iPhone section. All other sections will have you find unique items.

The site is hosted by Yahoo Store. Yahoo hosts the store’s pages as well as the whole ordering system and data. As for the site’s return policy, all items are subjected to a 30-day warranty unless otherwise specified. There are products which are generally not accepted for return. If such items need to be returned, you must contact Fruper within the product’s warranty period. DOA or dead on arrival items as well as short shipments must be reported within 5 days. The item is either replaced with a similar product or the money is refunded through PayPal in case there is no replacement available at the time the item was returned or the issue reported. More information about this can be read through Fruper’s return policy section.


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