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DealsOfAmerica.com – Need We Say More?

When America needs deals, DealsOfAmerica.com is there to give what America wants. So need we say more? I guess we do. Talking about DealsOfAmerica.com, the site is very proud to say that it is one of the most updated deals and coupons sites of today. This site remains to be a human edited bargain site. The site triumphs where machines and automated software fail. It is always one of the first to post about deals and coupons in the shopping world online.

Deals of America.com add new offers every hour from morning to midnight and back again. While other sites make updates every day, Deals of America does this every hour. In fact, the deals are updated every 15 to 20 minutes if you will observe. The site practically operates on a 24/7 time frame and never sleeps when it comes to bringing you only the best offers in town. It can be called the originator of most deals because this is where other sites copy their posts.

Let’s read what the Internet world has to say about Deals of America. First of all, you’ll find it featured in various review sites along with other top rated shopping sites in the world. Kiplinger chooses DealsOfAmerica.com as the best among its chosen top 20 shopping sites. Based on websites which check tatistics, Deals of America receives almost 90,000 unique visitors daily while page views on an everyday basis are almost 190,000.

This site was founded in 2003 and is tested to load faster than over 46% of other similar websites. The site also boasts to be one of the few family friendly deal sites. Deals of America do not contain any adult material. Navigating the site is also easy. The whole interface is very user friendly even for first time visitors. Its tagline, "bargains, coupons, freebies," makes it different from other deals and coupons sites. It offers its own lineup of free items, bargains, and coupons scoured from other merchants online and in-store locations.

The home page features tabs for the latest deals, freebies, and coupons. There’s a separate tab for credit cards and travel deals. Apparently the site deems these to be as valuable as the first three tabs. A "compare prices" option is also available. Here, you’ll find all categories available on the site including the most popular items for top categories such as computers, electronics, cameras, video games, software, and health & beauty. You can also use the search tab to check. The price and search option are both powered by Price Grabber.


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