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Like its mother site Giveawayoftheday.com, Game.Giveawayoftheday.com features software give away every day. This time it’s free games which are licensed and you would normally have to pay for if you purchase them elsewhere. Although the site is unable to offer deals every single day, on days that they do the free game will be worth it.

The site was launched on December 11, 2006. It started out with only a few free games distributed through the main site Giveawayoftheday before being launched as a separate site. The free games given away soon became a once a month opportunity. Today, it had progressed to an almost every day experience. When there is nothing offered on the site, popular members are also uploading free games to fill up the void.

Game.Giveawayoftheday.com is pretty much consolidated with the main site. Almost all sections are the same including the forums. Here, you can hang around and discuss about games, deals, and the site with other members. You can also read the blog for more game info. In some instances, games may not activate properly. The blog provides a help section where members can interact and help each other. A section for spreading the word about the site and sharing the love to everyone you know is available as well including ticker or widget which can be installed in blogs and pages. It’s also notable to mention that the site’s design and template is created specifically for the site and is awaiting approval for patent or license.

Outside the technicalities and focusing on the game downloads, the site is actually limited when it comes to the number of games it is able to offer. It may have to step up when it comes to offering more. This is understandable though since PC games are not normally distributed free.

To fill up what PC games are unable provide, the site should also start offering free flash games and puzzles. In this way, members and visitors who are unable to download certain freeware due to system requirements can be able to play games. These games can also serve as filler for days when there are no games available or when games offered are not compatible with the person’s computer.

Aside from limited offers available, a more organized archive of everything that has already been offered is missing too. The only way to lookup previous deals is to manually go back to earlier pages and posts. Although the archives calendar on the right of the screen helps, a better alternative should be a complete list of everything based on category, genre, or in alphabetical order.


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