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GameduJour.com is another unique one day deal site. It offers one incredible game deal per day. You’ll find both indie and popular games. Indie, as applied to music and movies is a genre which is not popularly seen in the mainstream. These are often offered for limited distribution only and were produced under limited budget. In Game du Jour, the games featured for the daily deals section are PC games that are popular or if not, are indie in nature but are still something you would love to have.

Each game deal offered at the site is only available for download until the end of the day. The deal is refreshed at 12 MN CST. After which, a new game is offered at discounted prices and the previous game will be back to its original price. But like other downloadable products that you are unsure of, the site offers games from manufacturers and developers which often allow beta or trial versions before purchase. This will give you an opportunity to test the product first before actually buying.

Game du Jour understands that all gamers need to communicate in any way possible. The site has a community section where all registered members can be able to discuss about deals, games, the site, and everything else about gaming. All gamers enjoy the thrill of sharing their progress in a certain game, share tips and tricks on how to get past difficult stages, and simply boast of accomplishments in gaming as a whole.

This site started in 2006 and was a haven for new game developers. Game du Jour provided an opportunity for each featured game and the developer to be introduced to gaming consumers. It increases the product’s sales conversion too. Now, the site continues to provide assistance to budding game developers by providing the exposure they need online and the opportunity to sell their games to a targeted group of consumers.

As for the daily deals, these are only offered throughout an entire day (see details above) and if you miss one, there is no option to receive discounted prices anymore. The game will still be available on the site but only at full price. So to be updated with what’s featured for the day, you can subscribe for email alerts.

The featured game is described in detail and in a language gamers will understand. The game info provides features of the game and in-depth description. It tells about the storyline or plot if there’s any, the goals and challenges of the games, and characters you can portray including their skills and weapons. You can also discuss about the game with fellow gamers in the comments section. A screenshot is also available through a different page.

Aside from the day’s deal, you’ll also find more games through different tabs of the site including PC Games, Game Store, and Play Online Games. Browse through the site and find links to various other online game sites.


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