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GiveawayoftheDay.com has been giving away free software since 2006. The site offers licensed and free software that you will often have to buy elsewhere. What happens is that the site features software for a day and is available for purchase for the rest of the 24 hours period. The software can be downloaded with full function. It’s not a trial nor limited version but a full registered, legally free version. If there are any limitations, these will be specified under the terms and conditions as noted by the publisher of the software in the same manner that they may allow more than 24 hours of free download.

GiveawayoftheDay actually pays the software manufacturers to have software published on the site for free. The license is paid for provided that you install a verification app to ensure that no software is reproduced and distributed without notice. The free software downloads are for personal usage only. You must also install the software within the day that it was downloaded in order to have it activated. The software doesn’t expire after 24 hours of course. It will be yours to keep, not unless anything happens to your computer drive.

There is also a limitation when it comes to the items you can download. You won’t find the typical stuff like MS Office. The items that are normally offered include utilities, security software and tools, DVD rippers, etc. There are days when the product is a waste but most of the time you get useful software.

Each item featured for the day comes with the download link and a product review. These are still kept on the site even after the deal has expired for archiving purposes. Aside from reading reviews, you can sign up for the site’s newsletter and be updated when a new deal is offered. You can also do the same through social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. The site accepts ideas from registered members through the forums as well. The top users based on the quality (scores) and quantity of ideas are even featured on the site. A regular promo with exciting freebies is also offered.

The site is also uniquely translated into different languages. This makes it easier for readers and visitors to view the site in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Deutsch, French, Netherlands, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Romanian, and Japanese languages.

The popularity of free software downloads make GiveawayoftheDay.com one of the top 1000 sites in the world with about 1.3 million visitors monthly from the U.S. alone.


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