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HatDaddy.com is Your Daddy for Hats

HatDaddy.com is back for business. The daddy of all hat deals may have been away for a while but it’s now making a comeback to bring you more of the best hats at the cheapest price ever. It’s the same drill as before. The hat for the day is initially offered at $22.99 which is the usual price for most hats. The amount slowly drops until it reaches as low as $2.99. Unfortunately, you can only buy one item at a time.

The hats offered at Hat Daddy are supplied by major manufacturers for various types of hats including football, Nascar, golf, and so much more. The hats offered are always brand new unless otherwise specified. Shipping is also always at a flat rate $5 since only one item can be purchased anyway. Payment accepted includes major credit cards VISA, Mastercard, and AMEX. Everything is handled through Paypal for security purposes. As for the return policy, the site does not actually accept returned hats.

Like other one day deal sites, the hats offered at Hat Daddy are available within the 24 hours time frame. At 12 MN of each day, a new deal is introduced. The hat for the day is featured with an accompanying image, a brief product description, current price (again, it drops slowly from the introductory price), and shipping information (the fee is only $5 as mentioned earlier). All other hats are still recorded even after the deal is expired just for archiving purposes.

To decide whether or not to purchase a specific hat, the site offers an image of the item right on the home page. A description which includes information such as the condition of the item, color, structure or overall design and style (i.e. for golf, football, etc.), fabric used, and closure can also be read. The shipping price and current offered price is also displayed beside the image. If you come back and check the site every hour or so, you will notice how the price drops from the initial offer of $22.99 going all the way down to $2.99. Although it sounds more logical to purchase a hat when the price drops at its lowest, it may not always be feasible to do so as the stocks and supply of the hat may not be enough to accommodate all requests made at the last minute. Supplies are not endless and are actually limited based on how much can be ordered from the suppliers or manufacturers.


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