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IHavetoHaveThat.com is now ThatDailyDeal.com

IHavetoHaveThat.com is now known as ThatDailyDeal.com. You can still open the old site name but it will be redirected to the new site. The one day deal site remains the same for most features including the offer of one day deals as well as other sections found on the old domain name. Even the old Facebook page remains the same. As for old members, login information from IHavetoHaveThat.com is still working.

The site was founded in 2006 and is continuously growing. It’s also associated with other sites including JamminButter.com, 13Deals.com, and LocoBuy.com. As for ThatDailyDeal.com, the site is very easy to navigate and features user friendly navigation options. The presentation of everything found on the site can be similar to how blogs are presented.

To start with, you can check four different one day deals featured on a daily basis. These sections include today’s that, daily shirt, daily style, daily pet, and Meat ball’s pick. All of which are pretty much self-explanatory except for the latter. Meat ball is the site’s mascot and his section features random picks from just about anything. The same applies for the first section, "today’s that."

Aside from 5 new deals everyday for brand new items, the deals from the past 7 days are still available if the items are not completely sold out. These are found on the last 7 deals section. It means so you still have a chance to get an item you love just in case you have missed to purchase it on the day it was offered for the past 7 days.

You’ll find other interesting sections of the site too. The site blog aka hangout features funny pictures and games. Funny pictures invite users to participate in adding appropriate captions. The games section currently has only one flash game to offer as of the moment. But it’s fun especially for new visitors who have not seen or played it yet. Even regular users will still enjoy the flash game. Giveaways feature weekly free items that are given away for free. Problem is; the site has stopped providing giveaways since the last week of June 2011. There’s not much updates with other sections of the blog either.

Going back to the main page, the main deal "today’s that" is placed on a prominent section of the site. A timer which counts the time down till the next day in hours, minutes, and seconds is found beside the deal. A product description which gives you more details is also provided. The site’s tag line, "wake up to a new That Daily Deal" every day is very fitting for what the site offers as a whole.


Contributor Ron says: on Sun Oct 05, 2008 9:12 AM

Some time they have nice deals.
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