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1SaleaDay.com, in their own words describes their website as one of the most awesome daily deal site online. No one can dispute that since the place is one of the most prominent sites in the genre of providing one deal per day sites.

The site was founded in 2007 by Ben Federman. It is associated with other sites including BensOutlet.com, Shadora.com, DynamiteTime.com, and GlassesUnlimited.com. All these are shopping venues with the latter two being pretty much self-explanatory. Shadora specializes in saving money for gemstones and jewelry. Bens Outlet on the other hand offers consumer electronics. As for Ben Federman, his entry into the world of business is very inspirational. The first 1SaleaDay venture was financed with over $200,000 in Federman’s savings while he was still assigned on the military.

The fact that Federman has been in the military explains why the site is only one among few shopping sites which ship overseas, particularly for military personnel. This makes it stand out against the rest. The site also ships through P.O. Box addresses, making them a convenient choice for those who live in far flung areas.

Some other remarkable features of the site include easy and quick processing when it comes to sign up, sales, and billing. Aside from member features, the deals offered are outstanding too. Deals offer 60% up to 97% discount. A "sell offs" portion provide even higher discounts. These are items handpicked from any category and are sold at a major discounted price. The whole process is done every 30 minutes for a 24 hours time frame.

If you would like to get the best deals, it is best to shop in the morning as the outstanding deals are often already sold out in afternoon. But like other one day deal sites, the deals are not removed until the day ends. Sold out items are simply marked so you would know that they are no longer available.

The disadvantages have something to do with shipping and the deal items. In the past, delivery may take as long as three weeks to a full month. Today, the average time is completed faster at about a week and a half. In relation to this, it is not a good idea to order items that you intend to use right away. Give yourself a time frame of at least three weeks.

As for the item, read product descriptions, features, and details carefully. I’ve seen people complain and become disappointed because they don’t read the specifications. See if the items are brand new or refurbished. As for product size, the images may not be the actual sizes particularly with jewelry so it’s best to read the descriptions to make sure.


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