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Tanga.com is uniquely different from other one day deal sites. It does not only let you save money; you get to play more too. You’ll find daily deals on electronics, games, magazines, t-shirts, accessories, and more. Unlike other sites in the same industry, this site features more than a single item every day. The day starts differently too. It begins at 7 PM PST (that’s 10 PM EST).

Let’s start with the 24-hour deals. A countdown timer tells you how many hours, minutes, and seconds are left before the next deal is up. The actual categories are the main Tanga deal, magazine, t-shirt, accessories, and miscellaneous deals. An archive page for each deal section is also provided in case you would like to view past older deals. A member’s only section is also available for exclusive deals and features.

Speaking of older deals, the second chance deals section feature about 10 of the past deals that were not sold out completely when they were listed. These are available with no expiration while the supply stock lasts. Aside from the deals, members can also solve puzzles, play games, and join contests. This section can be considered as the site’s social network area. You can earn points, view activities of your friends in the site, chat with them, read the site’s blog, and play or even make games.

As for the points mentioned, Tanga is no longer allowing redemption of the points into cash or prizes. The most you can get will be through the Bottom Feeder contest. The game rules are simple. Just pick three numbers. If the number you have picked is the lowest unique number picked, you win. The prize at stake will be the actual deal featured for the day. The item and even shipping costs is totally free. Contest ends at 7 PM PST of each day. Plus, spread your eyes all over the site such as the corner peel on the lower right side as it may also contain other promos.

In between contests and waiting for new deals every day, you can always play games. These are games created for the site, by the site, and contributed by everyone else registered within the site. As of this writing, there are 808 pages of past puzzles and games in the site with 9 items listed on each page. So that makes it 9 x 808 equals 7272 all in all. That number does not even include currently offered games and puzzles.

Tanga.com was founded on October 2006 and is based in Gilbert, AZ.


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